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Gregory Mongeon

Dr Greg’s take on This for That Medicine

We live in an environment where our body is constantly exposed to unnatural experiences it is not designed for. As a result of which it develops the various disease. Let’s say, for example, you have heartburn. You go to an allopathic doctor to seek consultation. He will run some tests on you and at the end of the day, you will be prescribed a bunch of medicines to recover. Now if you are under the impression of ‘natural’ medicine, you will seek some experts from this field. No doubt, you will be prescribed medicines again but this time with a tag of ‘natural’ or ‘homemade’ written on the package. 

Now, here is what Dr. Greg differs in his way of treating patients. His functional medicine practice doesn’t move to medicine straight ahead without knowing the environmental reasons responsible for the disease in the first place. He believes that medicine is of no good for the patient if the environment still persists the same as before.  

Functional Medicine

What is functional medicine 

With the recent coining of the term ‘Functional medicine’ many so-called natural medicines, practitioners have taken over the market. According to their claims and assumptions, they only use natural supplements to help an individual recover from a particular ailment. But, are they really helpful or just trying to fool us with the same methods applied in allopathic treatments? 

Who are so-called natural practitioners, and how are they fooling us? 

As discussed above, natural practitioners use natural supplements for curing specific symptoms of a disease. However, they follow the same procedures as allopathic treatments, as the supplements provided only give temporary relaxation. For example,- When you visit the practitioners with a complaint of heartburn, they will only give you something to feel relaxed in the meantime. They won’t even possibly conduct any further tests to know why it happened in the first place. So, in general, they are no different when compared to allopathic doctors; only the type of medicine may be different. 

What makes Functional Medicine unique? 

Unlike natural medicine procedures, functional medicine doesn’t take pride in only curing the symptoms of an individual. The doctors or nutritionists involved conducting various tests to understand entirely what is wrong with your body. So, even if you suffer from a recurring headache, you will get a whole scanning of your body with integrative functional medicine.

Functional medicine doctors believe that the human body is brilliant, and hence each body reaction is a significant clue to deteriorating health. Therefore, they believe that greater focus must be given to understanding the underlying issue, rather than temporarily treating the symptom.

Similarly, the concept keeps a greater belief that only functional lifestyle changes, intake of a balanced diet, and staying fit can ensure a good life. When the body doesn’t feel great, no amount of supplements or medicines can help it get back on track. Although some may look to be doing the work, it is always for a temporary period. 

Functional Medicine limitations :

Every treatment brings its own set of limitations. So, let’s have a look at some of the limitations of functional medicine. 

Getting a visible result can be a bit slow as compared to conventional methods of treatments. As the concept states focus on the well-being of the whole body, you will have to have patience and faith until the end. 

Integrative functional medicine is not the best one for you if you are looking for instant relief from pain or any other physical condition. So, for situations like a bodily injury, you will need to take medicinal drugs for their cure. 

It is essential that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, take a balanced diet to keep your body in its best version. However, the moment you stop working on your body, you might start seeing various ailments. 

We hope that till now, you have understood what functional medicine is and how it works. If you are interested, you can consult with Dr. Greg Mongeon and his team of highly professional doctors at Dr. Greg Functional Medicine. They have been working as functional medicine specialists for 20 years and also give consultations. They decipher the actual reason of disease first and then plan strategies to combat it from the root itself.