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How to Fill Your Cup & Bucket

How to Fill Your Cup & Bucket

Your sweet body needs some concentrated effort during illness. As you gain a bit of control over filling your own cups, you feel empowered and the process gets easier. Then when you get the hang of filling your daily cups, they start to overflow into the wellness bucket. That is when it gets really exciting.

Every single day you have physical and emotional needs, especially during illness. Autoimmune disease did not happen overnight, and it cannot be resolved with one pill or one bite of broccoli. It takes effort and time. Let’s break this down into doable daily cups, one drop at a time.

It does not matter where you are in your wellness journey, today is a new day. That is always where you start. The past cannot be changed, and you don’t know what the future will bring. Looking at today and tapping into the realistic resources that you have for today will get you started.

Most people start thinking about what they don’t have. Many don’t have the financial resources, the health, the family support, or emotional wellbeing to get their cups filled daily. Although those are facts, let’s look at what you do have, not what you don’t have.

What if you could tap into resources that promote health and support your sweet body and mind? Resources that would lower your stress and cortisol yet increases absorption of nutrients, increase digestion and relaxation. The calmer you are, the deeper you can breathe getting oxygen and blood flow to all of your organs and body systems. The more your mind and body relaxes into the situation the more it will work for you and not against you. 

To fill your cup today you need these valuable resources you have on hand, filling your daily cup one drop at a time. Here are some resources you already have.

You all have the ability to smile. Seriously, think about this. What happens when someone smiles at you? You feel uplifted, your cup gets filled a little with each smile you receive. So let’s be the ones to do the smiling. You have control over that and no matter how ill you may be, you can muster up a smile, even if it is just a small crack. If you do not have people in your life daily to smile at, share the smile with yourself. Smile at the silly things you do during the day! A simple smile on your lovely face can lift your own spirits. 

Think about what a smile does beyond the amazing emotional boost. That smile moves your jaw, stretches your ears a bit, pulls on your neck just a tad. Right now, give me a smile. By paying attention to your face when you smile, you tend to take notice of your neck and give it a good stretch, maybe even sit up a bit straighter. A simple smile is good exercise!

See how easy it is to get some control of your health and wellness. Keep looking for any resources you have. The free ones are usually about choices and actions.

  • You know that diet and hydration are critical to wellness. For today drink more pure water than you did yesterday. For today, add one additional healthy item to your diet. 

  • You know that you beat yourself up in your thoughts, we all do. Illness is a difficult and challenging time and chances are your thoughts have too much negativity. Today, only for today, write down one positive thought about yourself. You are not going to change all of our thinking today, but by concentrating on one single affirmation of who you are as a person lifts you above illness. 

  • You know that you are not focusing on all of your doctor’s instructions. You feel overwhelmed, exhausted, confused and just simply are having trouble focusing on the instructions. Take one single step toward solving that. Don’t expect to solve it all overnight, just take one step today. Locate the doctor’s instructions and take a peek at it. You will easily be triggered to act on one single item. 

  • You know that restorative sleep is essential to wellness, so tonight go to bed at a reasonable time. Only focus on tonight. Just tonight, can you go to bed an hour earlier?

Make your own list. Identify the resources that you have and go for it. Each drop fills your daily cup a bit more. When you actively fill your daily cup you eventually get it to overflow into your wellness bucket. 

You don’t have control over what you simply don’t have control over. So find the things that you do have control over. Those are your valuable resources to get your cups filled every single day. It takes tremendous effort but in time these baby steps become easy habits. Habits overflow into your wellness bucket. 

Keep your eye on the goal, your wellness bucket sustained by healthy habits you have developed from your journey through autoimmune disease. This is doable!!

Maribeth Baxter, HWC