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What can organic supplements do to your body?

In the current day scenario, it has become a well-acknowledged fact that the human body does not receive the proper amounts of nutrition it requires from the food they consume. So what comes to resolve this conundrum? The answer would be “dietary supplements”. 

Dietary supplements gained popularity ever since the early 1940s, which was then referred to a multivitamin/mineral (MVM) supplements. Today, as per stats, more than a third of all Americans consume dietary supplements to fulfill their nutritional requirements. However as dietary supplements saw a rise in the market, a similar increase in the number of chemicals in these supplements was also noted. 

Although it can’t be argued that supplements provide no additional health benefits, the presence of certain chemicals and preservatives in excessive amounts in such supplements cause more harm than benefit. This called for a need to come up with a better, safer, and more innovative option. And this eventually took a very interesting turn. Instead of looking for newer options, people opted to resort back to former, traditional supplements: organic and natural. With the advancement of pharmaceutical technology, these organic compounds are turned into capsules or liquids for easier and quicker consumption. 

We at Dr. Greg Functional Medicine believe in providing people with more than just a feel-good smoothie inside a capsule. Unlike other big “nutraceuticals”, we go beyond and create formulations that locate themselves at the intersection of science, rigorous lab, and clinical testing. Our supplements do work and our client testimonials are proof of that. Here are a few things that organic supplements can do to your body: 

1. Restoring your body’s immunity naturally

As life has urbanized, we only get few moments to go find the most “organic” and “natural” foods in our grocery store and even then, these apparent organic foods are always spiked with harmful substances that do not have any health benefits and rather can impart a handful of conditions and ailments. Therefore it is more than necessary to restore the body’s immunity that we might have been losing over time owing to the lifestyle that most of us follow. Taking supplements that are procured from naturally occurring foods and not the ones that are synthetically produced in a lab boosts your body’s immunity multifold. Cellcore Biosciences’ Cellcore BioActive Carbon Minerals is one of the latest additions to our host of dietary supplements. BioActive Carbon Minerals aims at replenishing the loss of minerals in an average adult’s body and thereby giving a boost to the entire immune system. This supplement of ours uses the naturally occurring, highly refined, and naturally chelated extracts of Fulvic Acid as a base. This base is an ultra small-sized and ultra-low-molecular-weight, completely organic nano-sized negatively charged ionic molecule. This facilitates the penetration of the molecules in the human tissues and blood cells quite easily. BioActive Carbon Minerals impart to the body an unaltered ionic combination of the Fulvic Acid, more than 70 naturally occurring plant-derived minerals, and 12 Amino Acids. Bottled as a 60ml liquid, the BioActive Carbon Minerals can be consumed daily with each dosage being up to 10 drops of the liquid. 

Cellcore BioActive Carbon Minerals

2. Improving the liver and digestive health

Most of the chronic illnesses find their roots in our gut. To take care of the gut and maintaining the digestive health can go a long way and save you from a number of unnecessary visits to the doctor. Cellcore TUDCA Plus is the CellCore Biosciences answer to improve the overall liver and digestive health. TUDCA, which is short for Tauroursodeoxycholic acid, is a naturally occurring component of the bile. This component is infused with melatonin and NAC helps in the bile flow so that the toxins do not get accumulated in the liver and get flushed out easily. TUDCA Plus avoids conditions like liver damage, accumulation of liver fat, free radical damage, mitochondrial stress, and even boost digestive and microbiome health, and calms inflammation of the GI tract. Backed by BioActive Carbon, TUDCA Plus paves a safe passage for constituents through the digestive process so they are fully active as they reach the intestines. TUDCA Plus comes in the form of small capsules and each bottle contains a total of 60 capsules to ensure optimum drainage and liver support of your body.

Cellcore Tudca Plus

3. Detoxify your body’s ‘filters’

The primary ‘filters’ of our body are the kidneys and the livers which constantly purify our blood of harmful toxins and substances. For the proper functioning of our bodies, it is of utmost importance that our kidneys and liver be healthy and remain toxin-free. And for that cause, we at Cellcore Biosciences have come up with a supplement that we call the Cellcore Kidney and Liver Support. This is another of our BioActive Carbon products focused on drainage and immune support by formulating a unique blend of natural ingredients which includes NAC, milk thistle, parsley gynostemma, collinsonia root, beetroot, and marshmallow root. All these natural ingredients have beneficial health properties which are known to help with the detoxification process, reduction of accumulated fats, treating symptoms of UTI, and overall improvement of the kidneys. Some ingredients like beetroot have properties which help in protecting the liver from toxin buildup. Research has also proved that marshmallow root, which is one of the key ingredients of Kidney and Liver Support, has diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial characteristics which ensures that you have a healthy urinary tract. The BioActive Carbon in our supplement binds to toxins which makes it easier to flush out those toxins. Bottled in the form of 90 capsules, Kidney and Liver Support can be taken with or without food. For best results, we recommend taking it earlier in the day once and once before going to bed. 

Cellcore Kidney and Liver Support

Apart from these three special mentions, Dr. Greg Functional Medicine store has multiple dietary supplements to choose from, all have them dealing and aiding in different bodily functions. We strive for only one thing: Creating solutions that work. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to restore hope and health among people.