About Us

As a physician and health visionary, Dr. Greg Mongeon has impacted lives professionally for over 17 years. He has owned and operated seven successful brick and mortar practices and also runs a successful virtual practice. Based off his personal success, Dr. Greg has consulted numerous brick and mortar and virtual practices. 

Dr. Greg is the founder of Integrate! a clinic in Lakeville, MN that specializes in both functional and physical medicine. The clinic offers chiropractic care, rehab, IV vitamin infusion therapy, nutritional supplements, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and regenerative injection therapy. 

Dr. Greg is an expert in integrating the medical and chiropractic professions by bringing both professions under one roof to truly bless practice members with the best care possible. 

Dr. Greg is the Director of Functional Nutrition for Eat the Frog Fitness and is helping them to become the only franchised gym that runs functional blood labs on their members and follows up on those labs with a personalized supplement and nutrition program. 

Dr. Greg has been blessed to serve as the official Functional Medicine Doctor for Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs, multiple Cross fit games athletes such as Cody Mooney and Kyle Kasperbauer and many other high profile clients. 

Dr. Greg is a regular lecturer and guest speaker and has appeared on many well-known podcasts such as the Ben Greenfield podcast. 

Dr. Greg also owns supplement companies that ship products around the globe and is passionate about taking the guesswork out of what people take for supplements. His personal supplement mantra is, Don’t Guess…Test! 

It his free time you can find Dr. Greg dating his hot wife of almost 17 years, getting his ass kicked at the Crossfit gym, chasing his kids to their sporting events  and seeking life’s great experiences.